Our Mission is to provide an avenue where young players can learn and develop the skills necessary for the sport of football
In order to become world class players


What the Academy expect from Players


  • Respect for each other
  • Display professional behavior on or off the field of play
  • Be civil in your interaction with others
  • Partner with each other to build and sustain a good academy


Code of Conduct

       A Mount Pleasant Football player must not:

  • Be disrespectful or impolite towards any person
  • Use languages that could be disrespectful of others sexual orientation religion or political persuasion or any other status of person to whom you may come in contact with.
  • Maliciously damage or destroy any property belonging to the club or any player.
  • Illegally dispose or take any property belongings to any other person.
  • Abuse his authority in order to obtain any gain.
  • Fail to follow the protocol of the Academy when there is a issue or concern.